A portrait by artist Alana Knuff of five young lads. The portrait shows the boys full length dressed with sport coats and ties and records expressions of relief having just completed a course on etiquette.

Welcome to Alana Knuff Fine Art

Portraits are one of Alana’s enduring passions.  As a child she loved to draw and did pencil portraits of famous people, including her mother who, as an artist, was famous to her.  Since retiring in 2008, art is her daily passion.

This is a special portrait painting.  It captures a priceless moment in time.   More than a year was spent painting this portrait entitled “The Boys.”  The countless hours needed to complete this, brought challenges, new insights and aha moments of great joy.  These young lads, ages 9 to 11, had just finished an etiquette class, learning proper and polite manly behavior, when with patience exhausted they returned to being “boys.”  Capturing such a classic pose is why I paint.” — Alana M. Knuff