Frequently Asked Questions

What do portraits cost?

The cost of a portrait can vary based on the size and number of subjects.   For a single subject prices range as follows:

  • Head and Shoulders – $1600 to $2700
  • Three Quarter – $2900 to $4800
  • Full – $5000 to $8400

Twenty-five percent is added for each additional subject within the composition. Head and Shoulder sizes are for a single subject.

How long does it take to have a portrait painted?

Portraits usually take from three to four months depending on the size and number of subjects. Once a composition is established, an underpainting is prepared capturing likeness, composition and values. Using this foundation, the portrait colors are introduced and then final details and refinements are completed. Clients have input and review work at various stages.

Do you do commission work other than portraits?

Yes. We discuss what you have envisioned and some preliminary sketches are done.   From the sketches, a final composition is selected and a color palette is chosen.

Are there giclee prints on canvas of your original paintings?

No. Prints of the original paintings are reproduced on archival paper only. Limited signed editions of no more than twenty-five prints of a painting are produced.

Do you offer individual instruction and critiques?

Yes. We would discuss what your artistic goals may be and then structure sessions leading to those goals.